Why Eat Insects?

  • They are highly nutritious & packed full of vitamins, minerals, proteins & healthy fats.
  • Crickets consume considerably less water than other protein sources,
  • Compared to pork, cattle & poultry Crickets have much less risk of passing diseases on to humans.
  • Farming crickets requires much less land than other animals raised for food.
  • Crickets require less feed for the same amount of protein.
  • Crickets produce 80% less methane than other animal protein sources.
  • It is estimated that crickets are over 20% more efficient as protein than cattle.
  • The slaughtering process is less gruesome and more humane than cattle, pork, and chicken. The process involves cooling, which puts them in a dormant state called diapause. after this, the temperature is reduced further, which puts them to sleep quickly and humanely.